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Welcome from the Head Teacher

Holy Name is a voluntary aided Roman Catholic Primary School. We work hard to develop a learning and faith community rooted in Gospel values and supported by the teachings of the Catholic Church. At Holy Name we work, learn, play and pray together

At Holy Name, we believe that every child matters and that our role is to support the parents and families of our children so that every child can be the very best that they can be.

To achieve this goal we work very closely with a variety of different agencies and groups of people to ensure that every child in our school gets the support they need.

We are lucky to have a fantastic group of staff who are 100% committed to the children and a well maintained building and grounds.

We know that children learn best when they are having fun and our curriculum is planned carefully to make learning fun. We run a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and activities including film club, cookery and an extensive range of sporting activities. All children have the opportunity to take part in competitive sporting events.

Music is important in our school too! The children sing well and all Y4 children learn to play the violin whilst every Y5 child gets the chance to play in our steel drum band.

This website is for information. Please feel free to contact the school to arrange a tour of the school or to speak to the Head Teacher.